Advantages and Opinion of Doopla loans in 2019


Doopla is a technological platform in charge of services of loans and direct investments between people, without the need for intermediaries and is 100% online. Through direct contact with people, the Doopla financial platform has managed to offer attractive financial conditions that benefit both credit applicants and investors. It is a leading company in Mexico of loans, person to person, responsible for offering money in conditions that are very flexible and easy requirements to meet


Advantages of Doopla

The advantages of Doopla are very clear, for the accredited is to get the personal loans Doopla to an interest that is fair, without getting to pay excessive interest. While for the lenders it is to achieve a greater profitability for their money respect to what has been granted by the traditional saving instruments.

The latter is possible since Doopla has the task of reducing costs, offering advantages for the benefit of people who wish to acquire Doopla credits. This platform has based its model on the latest digital technology, in this way they provide a high level of security for both lenders and investors.

Additionally, and thanks to direct interaction with other people, all applicants manage to obtain fair loans, without paying high interest, in turn the lenders, as already mentioned, have achieved high returns for lending their money. This has been possible because the interest payment is intended for the lenders who fund the applicants directly. As such, the platform does not generate interest income but through commissions that both charge.

What is Doopla?

The Doopla loan operates through the internet thanks to a new system that is responsible for bringing together not only investors but also people who are in need of liquidity on a single page. Once a person applies for a loan in Doopla and it is approved, the process is open until the necessary resources are obtained to cover it.

Doopla was created during March of 2014, until it began to operate in a general way for the public until February 2015, obtaining very good results, given that since then more than 6 million pesos were granted.

Doopla is reliable, it is responsible for first checking that applicants are able to return the payment and then look for investors who can provide the money, which is known as funding.

Doopla requirements

First of all we promise you that Doopla is 100% reliable. To apply for Doopla loans, the first step you must take is to register on the website. It is also important to have an excellent credit history to prove that you are a reliable person to be accredited. On the Doopla platform you are required to present the following documents:

  • Last two statements of the bank account.
  • Two personal references that have landlines (not endorsements).
  • Proof of address, Telmex, CFE, property or water.
  • INE / IFE by way of identification or passport.
  • Last two payroll receipts.

It is also pertinent to comply with the following characteristics:

  • Excellent credit history
  • Salary greater than 10 thousand pesos per month that are verifiable.
  • Age: older than 18 years old.
  • Have more than one year in your current job.

Once the main requirement has been met, the aforementioned documents, references of Doopla, are presented, you will not have difficulties to get a loan.

How to request a loan in Doopla?

If you have not yet registered on the Doopla page, once you click on the “Apply for a loan” link on the official page, you will be sent to the registration section. Only people who have already registered can request loans directly from the online page.

Once you have created your account, to request a loan you must:

  1. Provide personal information that is required to click on the “continue” button
  2. Indicate in the following screen:
  3. Amount of the loan.
  4. Term to which to pay the loan.
  5. Choose the reason for the loan.
  6. Explain using 200 characters maximum because the loan is being requested.
  7. Click on the “continue” button.


The interest rate varies based on the credit history of each person. In addition, the requested amount of the loan also influences along with the people who are willing to lend their money, because the platform works as an intermediary between lenders and applicants for Doopla loans. Their rates currently range from 12% to 26% per year, depending on the evaluation and qualification process of the credit area.

How does it work?

Anyone who needs a personal Doopla credit without paying high interest enters our platform and asks for the loan amount you need. It should be noted that the amount should range between $ 5,000 to $ 300,000 and provide your financial and demographic information.

Subsequently, your information will be verified and analyzed and, if approved, an interest rate will be assigned based on your risk profile and published within the community of already registered lenders to begin financing your loan. Applicants must pay monthly and with a low interest for the period of time that has been chosen.

In the case of investors, you must register as a lender, enter the amount you wish to loan to the applicants of your choice and sign a mercantile commission contract. Once the platform has filtered the applicants based on strict selection criteria, assigning an interest rate according to your risk profile. Later you can choose who you lend your money to.

Monthly, the applicants chosen by you must pay the capital together with generated interest, the details of the movements you will be able to see them online in your generalized account statement.

Doopla Simulator

The platform has a simulator which will allow you to calculate your investment, so that according to the amount you are going to request, you can determine the term to return and their respective interest.

Return loan

Return loan

The term to pay or return the loans online range from 3 months to approximately 30 months. To have a better idea, use the simulator.

Among the most frequent doubts that users present are:

  • What is it?
  • How long has it been operating?
  • How do you get your income?
  • What are its advantages?

Is Doopla reliable?

Probably a frequent question has been Doopla is a fraud? after all, we are in a time where there are constantly many people who have abused the needs of others, lending themselves to scams and bad practices. But neglect this is not the case, we assure you that Doopla is reliable and we will tell you why.

As we have already mentioned, Doopla is a platform that is responsible for linking people who have presented the need for a loan, with people who want to lend their own money and thus get better returns compared to loans obtained in traditional banking institutions.

It began to operate in 2014, receiving more than 90 thousand applications and granting more than $ 8 million pesos in loans. Its founders and investors have many years of experience in different financial sectors and are all those who bet on the benefit to society that brings the platform.

As for DooplaCondusef, it should be noted that it is not yet an institution that is supervised by the Condusef, although its registration is already in process. This is due to the fact that during March of 2018 the Fintech Law was passed, which describes the regulations in charge of regulating the Financial Technology Institutions, for all this we say Doopla is safe.

Opinions about Doopla