Payday Loan Help- Payday loan consolidation loans: Get the help you need

Payday loan consolidation loans: Get the help you need

Loan consolidation is one of the simplest and most effective tools for greater financial freedom. You get so much more than just a more flexible budget. As a result, you can reduce your monthly repayments, get more insight into your debts, get better terms with existing loans and save a lot of money. So what should you know about this tool?

1. What is consolidation?

First, we start with a little theory. What is this consolidation? Consolidation is simply to merge all loans and various financial products into one. This one new “loan” is inherently more advantageous than the previous one. You will save in monthly installments and in the total overpaid amount.

2. What can you consolidate?

You can consolidate, thus merge, in this way everything is possible. With David Copperfield, you can consolidate overdraft, credit cards, and various consumer loans. The exact number of these financial products is not limited. So you can consolidate five, six or even ten products from different companies.

3. To what extent can you consolidate your loans?

An important parameter is the amount of these loans. This may not exceed a total of CZK 600,000. This means that you can consolidate loans, overdrafts or credit cards up to CZK 600,000. You can set maturity for the newly created consolidated loan for up to 120 months. Interest will be on this loan from 5.9% and you can repay this loan at any time.

4. What does consolidation mean for your family budget?

They often consolidate their loans with spouses or entire families. So, instead of several loans and loans, there is only one, better, cheaper in the family. Even for you, this could be a great way to deal with debts. All you have to do is be over 18 years old, have a demonstrable income and not be in execution. Then we are happy to merge virtually anything.

5. Is Consolidation Right for You?

In the end, everyone can think of a question – is it suitable for me? If you have several credit cards, loans or overdrafts that you want to effectively get rid of, you have a regular income and meet all the above conditions, then yes. Consolidation is suitable for both workers or entrepreneurs, as well as pensioners or renters. They can all get rid of disadvantageous loans and start over.

Would you like to pay less? Would you finally like to breathe out the endless repayment and enjoy some freedom? Don’t hesitate for a minute and ask for a non-binding consultation. Just fill in the online form for a payday loan consolidation on and we will arrange everything for you!

Are Internet Payday Loans Safe?

Are internet loans safe? Such a question is very often asked by customers who, although they know about the possibility of obtaining a loan without leaving their home, choose a traditional form or a personal visit. Nowadays, you can buy almost anything online. We have become accustomed not only to the convenience of online shopping and time savings, but also to more attractive prices compared to stationary stores or galleries. Through the Internet, we buy shoes, clothes, medicines, supplements, cosmetics and even furniture or expensive electronic equipment. Online transactions are properly secured, stores use an encrypted protocol and popular options of secure pay-type payments or 24-day transfers. And how is it with internet loans? Can we also have a complete sense of security and confidence that no unauthorized person will use our data?

So from the beginning how does the loan process go without leaving your home?

So from the beginning how does the loan process go without leaving your home?

Cash loans almost revolutionized the loan market in Poland and at the same time became very competitive with traditional bank loans. Both customers who can not get a loan from the bank, as well as people who, for example, do not have creditworthiness, reach for it. This is ideal for people who want to get cash quickly without presenting certificates. Cash loans offered by non-bank institutions, just like bank loans are covered by the Consumer Credit Act. This provides customers with total security of the contract concluded. Interest rates, loan costs, commissions, everything is detailed in the information form. In the case of a contract at the credit office, the entire procedure takes about 30 minutes. We can read the documents and conditions on the spot and if we do not like something, we may not sign the contract or ask for an explanation. The application entered by the credit adviser is directly registered in the selected loan company and a decision is made within a few minutes.

Loans on the Internet, despite the fact that they give you the opportunity to get cash without leaving your home, really take up much more time. In order for our data not to get into the hands of unsuitable people, first of all we need to pay attention to whether the site is encrypted. A green closed padlock should be displayed in the taskbar – only then can we be sure that our personal data is secure. Applying for a loan over the internet also requires a scanner, because each loan company requires sending scans of evidence and sometimes other documents. If we have any doubts about the completion of the application, we must deal with it ourselves, because we can not ask the advisor. The entire verification procedure takes longer than if we went to the credit bureau. In the case of a positive decision, you have to wait for the courier who will come with the contract. Later, the contract must reach the loan company and only then a cash transfer to our account takes place.

To sum up, go to the credit office, we can arrange everything in 30-40 minutes and on the same day enjoy cash, while in the case of a loan online, the time from the application to withdraw cash takes about 3 days. So it would seem that the loan via the Internet is the perfect solution and yet it turns out that we will get a loan more quickly and efficiently.

Are internet loans safe? and above all, are they cheaper?

Are internet loans safe? and above all, are they cheaper?

Are internet loans safe? In my opinion, it is much safer and faster to get a loan by going personally to the credit bureau. Is it cheaper? NO – if we choose a honest credit bureau, we will not pay any additional commissions. The cost of the loan and the interest rate will be exactly the same. In addition, in the credit office maybe the adviser will offer us a more favorable offer or a lower amount. What’s more, he has a lot of experience so he will not only choose the best loan for us but he will also answer every question, he will advise.

YES and NO – remember that the page on which we provide your data must be encrypted – the security of our data depends on it.

Are internet loans safe? If we have the opportunity to go to the office, it is not worth it. The office will be safer, the offer will be the same or better, and the loan will be obtained in a much shorter time and very likely for a larger amount.

The offer of cash loans at Bankerf in Łódź is transparent, cheap and fast. We offer over 30 credible non-bank companies. We do not require any certificates, we do not check our creditworthiness and we do not charge additional commissions. If you are interested in a cash loan, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer – loans without database Łódź.